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A Counter Argument


Because there is literally nothing else within my power to do anything about this petition (yet), I am just going to address each point here. I am going crazy over this thing and I feel sick over the traction it’s already received. 

I’m just going to address each point and demand they made as calmly and rationally as I can.

1. “Only Super Junior members participate in the group’s official activities.”

Regardless of whether or not you consider Zhou Mi and Henry a part of “Super Junior” they are still a subgroup of Super Junior, they still have Super Junior in their name and they still sing Super Junior songs (in Chinese).  SJM was merely an extension of Super Junior from the beginning. In fact, their debut song was just a Chinese version of the popular Super Junior song “U”. It’s ridiculous to see them as a completely separate entity.  Not to mention three quarters (that is the majority, in case you are not aware) of the group are "main-group" members.

1-1. Guest members participate in the subgroup’s activities only and do not sing Super Junior’s songs or do opening and closing remarks together in concerts. Super Show is Super Junior’s concert.

It is peculiar that this is is even a point, because it’s obvious they are referring to “A Dreaming Hero”, which is a KRY song, not a main-group song.  By this logic, if Zhou Mi and Henry and their group are to remain so distanced from Super Junior, then why is it OK for SuJu to sing SJM songs (e.g. “Super Girl” - performed at various awards shows by SuJu in 2009-10, as well as during SS3, SS5 and SM Town - and “Confession” - performed during SS3, during which Zhou Mi and Henry left the stage and did not even perform their own subgroup song. Not to mention Zhou Mi is the one that wrote it in the first place.) but SJM cannot sing SuJu songs? And not even just SuJu songs. KRY is a subgroup, just like SJM. Lines were divvied up for the rest of the main-group, so why not Zhou Mi and Henry, too? Since it’s not even a main-group song to start with, why does it even matter if Henry and Zhou Mi sing during it?  And as for the opening and closing remarks, does the five seconds each it takes each one of them to introduce themselves and thank you really cause such a detriment to your experience at Super Show? They are there performing, regardless of when, they sing SJM songs and they perform with SuJu members (since, well, SuJu members are in SJM, as we’ve already established), so it only makes sense for them to speak.  Believe it or not, Henry and Zhou Mi have fans, as well. People exist that are Henry or Zhou Mi biased, that have Henry or Zhou Mi as their main bias. And Super Shows and SM Towns are the only times they get to see their biases. It’s not like Henry and Zhou Mi are a part of a completely separate band with its own activities and concerts and promotions in which they can talk to fans and showcase their talents. This is all they have.  You really cannot grant them and their fans a brief introduction and “thank you”?

1-2. Guest members introduce themselves as SJM members for all occasions.

They pretty much already do this anyway because they’re so afraid of fans’ wrath, but again, this is stupid. Why do you even care how they introduce themselves? There is absolutely no danger in them taking the spots of any main-group member, so what is the harm?  SJM is not an entirely separate entity because six of the eight current members are a part of “Super Junior,” which makes SJM merely an extension of Super Junior. Super Junior is still in their name. Notice how all of this is starting to sound redundant.  

1-3. Only Super Junior members can say the greeting “This is Super Juni~or!”

Isn’t this pretty much the exact same point made in 1-2? We get it, you don’t want SJM members to get too comfortable in a group that they have every right to be considered a part of.  It’s amazing how desperately fans can cling to Han Geng and Kibum as parts of Super Junior (who, without one backward glance left Super Junior), but they won’t spare a thought to two members that give them their hearts and souls and everything they possess.  

2. Pearl sapphire blue is the color that represents Super Junior’s fanclub, ELF.

Yes, and it also represents Super Junior’s subgroup, SJM, of which Henry and Zhou Mi are a part. Glad we got that cleared up.

2-1. ELF is unrelated to the guest members’ promotional activities as a solo artist.

Henry has been unbelievably successful and how do you think that has come to be? He magically acquired a large following completely unrelated to ELF? Of course not, the majority of the people supporting him and voting for him are ELF.  

2-2.  Guest members do not use the color pearl sapphire blue for activities not related to the subgroup.  

Now I wonder, would this rule apply if it was a main-group member promoting as a solo artist instead of Henry? Pearl sapphire blue is Super Junior’s color, SJM, included. A solo artist coming from SuJu would carry the color with him just as a solo artist coming from the subgroup of the same color. ELF are still the people there supporting Henry, Henry is still a member of SJ(M). There is absolutely no reason why fans should have to find a new color to represent Henry.

3. Super Junior’s official online channels post information and videos of Super Junior members only.

So then, you would just like to remain completely out of the loop with regard to SJM activities, regardless of the fact that the majority of its members are Super Junior members? And if this is in response to “Trap,” Kyuhyun is in the “Trap” music video, anyway, so that would still be considered a “Super Junior member activity.”  

3-1. S.M. Entertainment does not post information and videos of guest members unrelated to the subgroup’s activities on Super Junior’s official online channels such as Line, Facebook and YouTube.  

Really, does a simple video update of Henry playing the piano or Zhou Mi promoting his book really bother you that much? You claim to respect and support Henry and Zhou Mi but I am failing to see how so.  It’s really amazing that you cannot even stomach an update regarding a “non-main-group member” once in a blue moon.

Currently, we fans are not satisfied with what is going on with SS5 World Tour and Henry’s promtoinal activites of his single, which blur the boundaries between “Super Junior” and “guest members.”

Perhaps what most K-ELF (and C-ELF) fail to realize, Super Junior (and SJM) do not exist only for Korea and China anymore. Super Junior have become one of (if not the most) wildly successful K-pop group on an international scale.  And I have yet to meet an international fan that does not love and accept both Henry and Zhou Mi unconditionally. Furthermore, not one of us has any qualms whatsoever with the way Henry and Zhou Mi have been participating with the group. They’ do not belong only to you anymore. In fact, I daresay they now spend more time overseas than they do domestically, anyway.  Henry and Zhou Mi are as much a part of Super Junior to us as Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Siwon, Donghae, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun are.  We love and support Henry and Zhou Mi just as much as we do any of the others and it really hurts us to see this petition and the way Henry and Zhou Mi are being downcast and shunted aside.  

Lastly, we would like to make it clear that we respect and support Zhou Mi and Henry as members of Super Junior - M and we do not hold any grudges against them. What we are concerned about is to keep the clear boundaries between Super Junior and the two guest members. We sincerely hope that all of Super Junior members and guest members will have successful careers as artists.

Except that this entire petition exists because you do hold grudges against them.  Why do these boundaries have to exist? And can you please stop calling them “guest members”? “Guest” implies that they are only here for a visit or something, but they are not going anywhere, not if we have anything to say about it. They’re not rotational and they’re not conditional. They are, irrefutably, members of Super Junior M. And SJM, as I’ve said many times, is just an extension of Super Junior. They’ve been a part of this group longer than they haven’t been. Do you realize that? Super Junior only existed for two years before Henry was introduced and six years have elapsed since then.  Aren’t you tired of trying to suppress this? Isn’t it exhausting for you? Also, if you “sincerely hope that the guest members will have successful careers as artists” then why are you so adamant in your refusal to support Henry and Zhou Mi? Why do you insist upon ELF distancing themselves from Henry’s promotions? If you hope for his success, why don’t you support him? All the contradictions you make cause my head to spin in confusion.

(1 out of 3) forward
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